Stars of Zanzibar

Blue Safari

Blue Safari Tour in Zanzibar is the number one full-day trip that you will enjoy so much. This is a sea adventure safari that the major attraction is to swim, snorkeling, sea foods and sailing. During snorkeling, you will see the coral reef and the areas which are good and have colorful of fish.

Snorkel and Flippers

Prison Island

Prison Island is a small island 5.6 km northwest of Stone Town. The island saw use as a prison for rebellious slaves in 1860s and also functioned as a coral mine. You will get the opportunity to visit the tortoise sanctuary, which holds a large group of giant tortoises imported from the Seychelles in the late 19th century. The island is also a home to a colony of beautiful peacocks. You will also get relax with the glow of sun during the boat trip to Stone Town.

Jozani Forest

The Jozani forest is located in the central east region of Zanzibar consisting of a large mangrove swamp. The forest is home to the rare red colobus monkey. The forest is also home to 40 species of bird and 50 species of butterfly.

Dolphin Tour

This is a morning excursion; you will be swimming with the dolphins. Kizimkazi fishing village is home to several group of the Bottle-nosed dolphins and Humpback dolphins, which you may see following a short boat trip from the village.

Snorkel and Flippers

Nakupenda Island

“I LOVE YOU “ means Nakupenda in Swahili, also the name of an remarkable sandbank located just off Stone town. Snorkeling in Nakupenda island, observing fabulous collection of colorful corals and tropical fish of the islands.

Spice Tour

Zanzibar is known for the variety of spices that are used to prepare food, cosmetics and medicines. Some of the fruits available include; banana, coconut, lime, jackfruit and breadfruit. The spices available include; clove, nutmeg, black pepper, vanilla and coriander. This tour is a walking tour in a spice farm. While there, you may see how the spices, herbs and fruits grow. Your tour guide will describe how all the processes. You will be smelling and tasting spices, herbs and tropical fruits. After the tour you may also enjoy a traditional Swahili lunch at the farm.

Mnemba Island

Snorkeling tour travel to Mnemba in the northeast coast of the Island. A marine reserve, well known for its fish life like lionfish, moray eels, stingrays, and turtles swimming around in the shallows. Venture further out the reef drops away into a big reef wall inhabited by schools of giant trevally and emperor fish hunting, yellow snappers, barracuda and if possible napoleon fish and turtles.

Snorkel and Flippers

Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon is at Michamvi Peninsula, the turquoise blue waters invite any aqua-fanatics for snorkeling with some lovely exploration of tropical fishes and reefs. Mingle with tropical fish, there is abundance of tropical colorful little fish.

Snorkel and Flippers